Oil and Gas

Hazard Identification, Hazard Management and Response Plans
Hazard management in oil and gas plants
Development of emergency response plans
Review and refinement of national regulations according to international standards
Design of field training simulations on disaster response
Fire and blast safety plan
Earthquake safety plan
Development of occupational health and safety plans and programs for oil and gas installations
Assessing and ensuring risks are reduced to ALARP
Tabletop, control-post & field training simulations
Training and Awareness-Raising
Training of national regulator
Training for owners/operators of gasoline stations and storage facilities
Structural Safety and Rehabilitation
Design of offshore structure to resist fires and explosions
Protection of on-shore oil and gas plants against fires, explosions and earthquakes
Seismic design and protection of liquid storage tanks
Seismic design and protection of piping systems
Design and protection of piping systems, LNG and pressures vessels against fires and explosions
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